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Ladies Only Shooting Events

Our popular ‘Ladies Night Out’ evenings first began in November 2015 and it was only natural that those attending would want to progress from class-based handgun familiarization and maintenance training to hands-on range-based events with live fire in a friendly, informal environment.

Tackleberrys ‘Introduction to Handguns’ course which is designed to teach new and novice shooters the fundamentals of handgun shooting and safety. During this course you will learn the difference between Revolvers and Semi-Automatic pistols, how to hold, load and unload them, how they operate, how to shoot them and finally how to clean and maintain them. During the course you will be able to shoot at least 10 different handguns in a safe, controlled environment for the all-inclusive price of $60.

Finally, we appreciate your faith and confidence in Tackleberrys as your training provider and would like to recognize and reward that with a personal ‘Thank you’ to help you get the most from your shooting endeavors, and this is how it works;

Firstly, since you may well be in the market for a first or new handgun, Tackleberrys would like to help you with that with a 10% discount off your next purchase of a firearm and handbag from us once you have completed this course. This is a genuine offer, there is no expiry date and it is not conditional in any way.

If you decide to develop your shooting skills further and decide to apply for a License to Carry your Handgun in Texas, we also offer LTC Training Courses too and would like to invite you to join us again when we will be glad to give you a $15 discount as an existing and valued client.

We have Ladies-only courses scheduled throughout the year and we also offer mixed sessions twice a month too, Once you have attended one of our courses, you are welcome to join us on the first Monday of each month when our informal members-only shooting club meets to shoot at our private pistol range too.

If you have any questions regarding any of our training courses, please feel free to call us on 512-396-4860 or visit the store in person, thank you.