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Who are you dealing with

Welcome to Tackleberrys.com, the online e-commerce website supporting our Gun Shop in San Marcos Texas. Ours is a relatively new-start family business owned and operated by Misty and Rupert Ellis together with our modest team of local Texans, we endeavour to provide excellent customer service and a broad range of pistols, rifles, shotguns and associated hunting and shooting tools and accessories at competative prices.

We are not a big box store but we know that to survive we need to reach out to our fellow Texans outside of Caldwell and Hays County and serve them online with a broader range of products than our shop can otherwise display, let alone afford to carry. Thats why we have this website.

Texas is huge and while we would love to have you come visit with us here in the Hill Country, we also know that for many, this is as close as you'll get to meeting with us, so we hope that knowing that your custom is hugely appreciated by real people, real Texans who live and work in your community makes a difference, ecause your custom certainly means everything to us and our little business, we really couldn't survie without your ongoing support, thank you.

So now for the legal part.....

Tackleberrys is a Texas Business registered in Caldwell and Hays County respectively and was also registered in England on 30th December 2010 nod. 7479998. Tackleberrys benefits from an International Trademark nod. 2570759 and we have a Texas Trademark registered pending approval. Tackleberrys operates online from Tackleberrys.com as well as from retail premises at 20155 San Marcos Highway (HW80) San Marcos, Texas, 78666.

Our Trademarks are for the supply of Firearms, Shotguns, Air Rifles, Ammunition, Reloading equipment, Explosives, Cleaning Products, Shooting Accessories, Footwear, Clothing, Optics, Rifle Scopes, Range Finders, Binoculars, Entertainment Products, Printed and Digital Media, knives, butchery equipment, vehicle accessories, Archery Products, Fishing equipment, miscellaneous associated accessories and equipment and clothing related to field sports, hunting and outdoor pursuits. In short, we aim to provide products and equipment appropriate for the international and domestic sporting hunter and shooter in order for them to realize their expectations and get the best from their sporting activities.

The owner of Tackleberrys is Rupert ‘Roo’ Ellis who also owns The Hunting Agency, Registered in England nod 4404525 and Hunting and Shooting News. That said, this is a family business and we all take great pride in providing high levels of customer service to the local shooting community.

Our vision is to provide honest and impartial first-hand advice on hunting and shooting products & accessories and to supply them quickly and professionally at competitive prices. We openly encourage first-time gun buyers to our store for honest, impartial advice and offer Introduction to Firearm Training Courses to New and Novice Shooters from our private training facility and range in Seguin.

We genuinely want to be your 'Friendly Local Gun Shop' for the long-term future and your continued support and patronage is hugely appreciated, as is your friendship, thank you!

 If you have any questions regarding Tackleberrys, would like further information on training or product information, please feel free to contact us directly on 512-396-4860